Our plans have been submitted to East Lothian Council for their consideration and further discussions will be held in due course. Questions surrounding the Common Good provisions have been raised and these are being considered by our legal experts. We remain confident these do not infringe upon Common Good Land provisions.
We believe the benefits to the Common Good are considerable and include much of the following:
• No ‘alienation’ of the Common Good land. There are no plans to change the use, build housing or enclose the land denying access to persons
• We are seeking a management agreement to operate the golf course and therefore not looking for a ‘disposal’ of the land and avoiding complex legal issues arising from a sale or lease
• Substantial investment in existing facilities (Facilities will always be owned by ELC) providing much improved experience on and off the course for all users
• A more internationally recognised golf course and must-visit destination for golf tourists
• Regular Occupation Charge into Musselburgh Common Good Funds (estimated at £25,000 p.a.)
• No loss of benefits to existing users or clubs. They will still have access at similar rates currently enjoyed. We are committed to retaining a comparable price structure for local people as currently used by Enjoy Leisure. Clubs will have existing privileges guaranteed in writing.
• New online booking system to ensure golfers can find suitable tee-times even when the course is busy
• Community driven information centre and memorial garden for the town to celebrate the Musselburgh Golfing Heroes of the past. Blue Thistle will fund this project though we believe it may attract funding from other sources
• New practise facilities with a focus on developing younger talent and supporting them through their development
• An experienced General Manager to supervise and ensure all parties are treated fairly and a managerial point of contact
• New restaurant facility which will be open to the public
• Bring new wealth into the area through new club membership and golf tourists
• New opportunities for new & existing businesses to exploit creating more wealth and employment
• Up to 40 new jobs for local people
• A new company willing to engage with local groups to develop the town and its facilities
• A company willing to work proactively with existing groups promoting the district and town. E.g. Musselburgh Racecourse, The East Coast Golf Alliance, Visit Scotland, Visit East Lothian etc.
• Work proactively and positively with Musselburgh Racecourse to create the highest standards of facilities and work together on joint projects
• No financial risk to ELC or Common Good Fund
• Cash positive for ELC

Discussions with East Lothian Council we expect to be robust and thorough and will take time. We are eager to progress matters but accept it will take whatever time it takes.